General engineering services for plant construction,including equipment,
building, electricity,utilities and waste water treatment

Plan & Design
Understanding customer's needs and creating optimum design
  • Give a concrete shape to customer's needs, of the same quality in ASEAN region as in Japan
  • Design for quality, efficiency, usability, cleaning efficiency, zone management, maintenance
  • Meet the requirements for legal, budget control, schedule control

Fabrication and construction
Quality, safety and schedule management of Japanese style
  • Select experienced local subcontractors
  • Manage the project in accordance with AJEC's standardand know-how
  • Prevent accident in cooperation with all involved parties
  • Accommodate the needs for design and fabrication of sanitaryequipment, application support for BOI privilege, and clean zone design for food GMP
Consulting contract, Lump sum contract and CM (Construction Management)
Manufacturing plant and logistic facilities, etc. for food, medical and chemical manufacturing
such as plant for frozen food, fish paste, prepared food, seasoning, beverage, etc.
AJEC(T) is the pioneer in "Central Kitchen System" design.